Friday, February 15, 2013

Sam's 10-month survey...sans pictures.

Monthly Survey

How old is baby? 10 months! Almost a year old already!

Doctor’s appointments?: April 25th, 2013


Weight: 21lbs


Clothes size: He wears a lot of 9 month stuff, but needs to move up to 12m, especially jammies. Needs 12-18m pants.

Diaper size: Still in 3’s, but I think we’ll be going up a size soon. He’s starting to leak again.

Hair color: Blonde...and in need of a hair cut!

Anything else?


Verbal skills: He does lots of babbling. He’s making a ton of new sounds.

Teething: 8 teeth! 4 on top 4 on bottom. He seems to have chilled with the teething for a bit, too.

Rolling: Not a primary mode of transport, but he still does.

Crawling: It’s how he gets around. And boy is he fast!

Walking: Not yet, but he cruises on the furniture and can stand himself up in the middle of a room.

Anything else? Since everything went down with our health issues this month, I’ve started bathing both kids together to save time. They love it!!

Things he likes: His favorite toys are his Weebles, the Fisher Price Wheelies and Little People, and the Little People Zoo. He is just starting to get into reading books.

Things he dislikes: Diaper/clothes changes.

Sleeping: He’s just finally starting to sleep better. Most nights he sleeps from around 8-8:30pm until 6am. Sometimes he wakes up once for a bottle and then goes back to sleep. He’s also officially down to one nap per day. If we drive somewhere in the morning he’ll usually sleep in the car. Otherwise his afternoon naps have been about 3 hours.

Eating: He eats really well! Usually a yogurt cup and jar of fruit for breakfast, 2 jars of food for lunch, and 2 for dinner. He drinks 2 or 3-8oz bottles of formula during the day, mostly before naps/bedtime. For snacks he likes puffs or yogurt melts. I’ve been trying to get him to eat table food, but he still has trouble with textures.

Nicknames: Magpie (he is drawn to shiny stuff), buddy, the captain.

Things we’re looking forward to next month: We’re looking forward to EVERYONE being healthy!

How I like motherhood: I love being a mom. Especially right now. The kids are so much fun! They love to laugh at each other. They love playing together and it just warms my heart to see them interacting with each other.

Likes: I’ve really enjoyed being off work for the last month, I just wish it were for a better reason!

Dislikes: I really dislike having to take care of both kids while suffering/recovering from a concussion.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's already February.... it has been a long time since I last posted. To be honest, a LOT has happened since then and we've just been really busy.

On January 6, Adam and the cat had a "disagreement" and he ended up getting a bite on his right index finger. By Tuesday (just 1.5 days later) I convinced him to seek medical treatment because it was swollen and red. We saw a NP who gave him 2 antibiotics and scheduled a follow-up for the next day. We also had to file a report with the police because it is apparently state law. So we picked up drugs at the pharmacy and then I dropped Adam at home. I also had to pick up the cat and take her to the vet, per health department policy.

The next day, January 9, he went for a follow-up. From there he was sent to the local orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Henry...the guy who did his knee) who then sent him to a hand specialist in Green Bay (Dr. Sodhi). So by 5:30pm we were sitting in the waiting room of BayCare Medical center waiting to be taken back to surgery. By 10pm he was up in his room and I think I was back to his parents' house (our 2nd home base during the last couple months!) by 11pm. He was then discharged on Friday night (finally!). 

We had a follow-up with Dr. Sodhi on January 16th, which also ended up with him being admitted for another surgery, but at least he got to come home the same day. 

On the 18th, we thought we had a follow-up scheduled, but when we got there he wasn't on the calendar. He got squeezed in anyway and Dr. Sodhi still didn't like the way it looked so Adam was eventually admitted for IV antibiotics. Saturday morning he had yet another surgery on his finger and he also got his PICC line put in. Sunday afternoon he was finally free to go. He got discharged, we went and picked up the kids, and hurried home to meet the home health nurse. Why a home health nurse? Because Adam is doing 6 weeks of IV antibiotics at home. 

Ok, so I took FMLA to take care of Adam and drive to all the appointments and what not, but I used up my 2 weeks and was scheduled to go back to work on the 23rd. Well, on Monday night (the 21st), I had gotten Clara out of the bath and we were in her room. I bent down to pick her up and at the same time, she jumped up and her head came into contact with my top front teeth. Now, I didn't really think anything of it. And since she wasn't bleeding, we carried on with our night. When I woke up the next day I was so dizzy I could barely get out of bed. And after throwing up twice, I decided it was time to visit the doctor. Turns out, I have a concussion. 

So...multiple follow-up visits later for both of us, we're both making progress. Adam got his meds switched this week so now he's down to 1 IV antibiotic and 2 oral ones. I had my meds increased to help with the horrible and constant headaches that I've been dealing with. 

Oh yeah, and Adam also got the flu last week and both kids had colds. 

So here we are in the middle of February. I'm still off work. I have another appointment on Friday, so hopefully I'll get some better news. 

And if you're wondering if we still have the cat, no we don't. Someone took them for us and we hope they have a much easier life. They weren't great with little kids and it was a lot to have to worry about both kids plus where the cat was and who was chasing her. 

We're hanging in there. We're both slowly getting better. Hopefully life will be getting back to semi-normal next week. Hopefully I'll be cleared to return to work. Adam will only have a couple weeks left of IV therapy and then hopefully he'll get the go-ahead for physical therapy. 

I have Sam's 9-month survey done, I just need to post it. I don't have any pictures this month, though, because I didn't have the chance to take any. I'm also working on 1st birthday plans, working through the Spring semester of school, and now Sam is walking, so I'm sure we'll really be on the go now!