Friday, January 4, 2013

Clara in December

We had lots of fun in December!

St. Nick brought both the kids lots of fun new toys and books.

We also had our first major snowfall. Clara was excited to put on her snowpants and jacket and help Daddy shovel the driveway.

I just checked the other day and she has 3 of her 4 2-year molars finally. Almost done!!

She is getting really good at going to sleep in her own bed...even for naps. She rarely wakes in the night anymore and when she does she almost always is able to get back to sleep without anyone picking her up. She has been sleeping about 12 hours a night.

Shs is also quite the big helper. I was unloading dishes the other day and she said she wanted to help clean up so I asked her to put away Sam's baby food. And she did! She also likes to help me throw clothes in the hamper, get toys or a cup for Sam, and lots of other very helpful things.

She is just filled to the brim with love and silliness. I love this girl so much!! The big picture in the collage was taken when she was laying in my lap being really silly. :) I couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Sam's 9 month survey. How is this kid almost a year old already?

Monthly Survey

How old is baby? 9 months

Doctor’s appointments?: January 11, 2013

  • Weight: 21lbs
  •  Height: 28 inches
  • Clothes size: Mostly 12 months, still some 9 month jammies.
  • Diaper size: Still in 3’s.
  • Hair color: Blonde. He’s also had 2 haircuts already!
  • Anything else?
  • Verbal skills: Nothing new on this front. He still makes lots of different sounds, just not words. And he still loves to scream.
  • Teething: God help us…he has almost 8 teeth. One of the lower incisors is just barely through and one molar on top. Yes, I said MOLAR. Really kid? 1-year molars at 9 months? Ok, just hurry up because you’re a real BEAST! *update-he now appears to be cutting not only molars but canines as well.*
  • Rolling: Nope. Doesn’t want to anymore. Crawling is way faster!
  • Crawling: Like a crazy man! He’s a little speed demon.
  • Walking: He cruises the furniture. He also has a toy he can push and walk behind. He’s getting the hang of that, too. He did take one step unassisted the other day…scary!
  • Anything else? He can clap!! He just discovered this talent on Christmas Day. We’ve also since discovered he knows how to wave, though he doesn’t like to do it all the time. *update-he also knows how to do “So Big!” He can use a sippy cup, too. He likes to have water in it. We haven’t put anything else in it yet, though.
Things he likes: His family. We’re his favorite people. If we’re all home but not in the same room, he’ll go search out the people who are missing. It’s like he needs to have everyone together all the time. He has had so much fun playing with Clara lately, too. It’s really cute to watch (and listen to!). Other than that he’s just enjoying his new toys that he got for Christmas. Oh, and hanging upside-down.

Things he dislikes: He does not like green beans. I’m trying to start giving him actual food that he has to chew, but I think he’s still having trouble with textures.

Sleeping: Ugh…not great. He has really bad nights when he’s up a lot (probably because of his teething) and other nights where he’s only up once. And he’s starting to sleep in more. Naps are ok. He either takes one big nap per day or one very short one and one semi-long one.

Eating: He’s a great eater. He loves purees. He’s getting really into puffs and cereal, too. I think we might start giving him toast soon, too. He usually eats 1-2 jars of purees 3 times a day. He’ll take a bottle before naps and before bed (or he’ll nurse sometimes). We’ve also been giving him water in a sippy during meals and snack times.

Nicknames: Um, I don’t think there are any new ones. He’s still the Captain, little buddy, little man.

Things we’re looking forward to next month: His 9-month check-up, Papa’s birthday, Uncle Kenny’s birthday. Not much else going on. I’m sure we’ll find some fun things to do in the post-Christmas lull.

How I like motherhood: OMG, for as much as I thought having 2u2 was going to be hard, it’s totally paying off right now! They love to play together. It just warms my heart to hear them laughing and playing together, even though they’re still small.
  • Likes: Being a mom is the best thing ever. It isn’t easy and being a good wife at the same time is difficult, but nothing that’s worth doing is ever easy, right?
  • Dislikes: I don’t like Sam’s erratic sleep schedule right now, but I know it’s just because he’s teething. I hope that once he finally cuts all his teeth (which I can’t imagine is going to take long at this point) he’ll be a whole new kid. I just love the little guy so much and I hate seeing him so uncomfortable. :(