Friday, August 2, 2013

Clara in July 2013

Clara in July

So, what has Miss Clara been up to this month?

We went on our first family vacation!! We went to Wisconsin Dells and had a really great time. We left on Monday July 22 and stayed for 2 days. We visited lots of places, and I plan on making a post about it in the coming month *fingers crossed*

Mostly, we've just been living life. I got moved to night shift in late June and our whole family has since been trying to make the adjustment. I think the kids are finally doing better, which is more than I can say for the adults! lol But I know we'll get there eventually.

She's now around 30-40 inches tall. Good thing I bought her pants a little longer last year! She is very articulate for her age, and improving almost daily. She is getting better at helping around the house, too. Today she picked up all her Elmo puzzle pieces, even without being asked! She even helps me with chores if I ask her if she wants to help. Sometimes she'll offer, but not always. 

We're on the verge of giving up naps, I think. If she's home, we still try to get her to take one. Afternoons/evenings are a lot less stressful if she takes one. Neither of them did while we were on vacation and it wasn't a total disaster, but I certainly wouldn't want to make a habit of it!

Potty training is almost complete. She has been dry for naps for a while now and is waking up dry in the mornings now, too. She does still have occasional accidents, but she isn't even 3 yet, so I think it's ok. She made the 3 hour car ride down to the Dells without an accident (we did make one or 2 pit stops along the way)!

I bought a new bike and we took the kids for a ride on Monday (we have a little trailer for them). She had so much fun, but wanted to get her own bike. We're looking into balance bikes, but they're a bit on the spendy side. I think she would do ok with one, though. 

Just a little over 90 days until her 3rd birthday!! I can't believe how fast time flies and how big she is getting. Next year we will be thinking about school!

Sam's 16 month survey

Monthly Survey
1.       How old? 16 months
2.       Doctor’s appointments?: Just had one July 31, 2013. His next is October 10, 2013 (18-months)
3.       Stats:
a.       Weight: 24lbs
b.      Height: 32.5 inches
c.       Clothes size: 18 months-2T. I have a feeling he'll be in 2T pants this fall.
d.      Diaper size: Still in 4's but getting snug.
e.      Hair color: Blonde.
f.        Anything else?
4.       Milestones:
a.       Teething: He now has all his teeth except the 2 year molars.
b.      Talking: He still doesn't really say much. We pretty much know what he needs without him having to say anything.
                                                               i.      New words: No new words this month.
c.       Anything else? He has started walking backwards more frequently. I hadn't actually seen him do it until tonight (8/2/2013).
5.       Things he likes:
a.       Toys: Cars and trucks/vehicles of any kind really; he likes to play with balls, his tractor.
b.      Books: There are a few Baby Einstein books that he really loves looking at, as well as his Highlights Hello! magazine. He doesn't like to be read to, though. Too busy for that.
c.       Songs: He likes any songs.
d.      TV Shows/Movies: LeapFrog movies, SuperWhy, and anything musical.
e.      Other Activities: He really had a blast at the water park when we were on vacation. He also likes playing in sand, but not really playing on any playground equipment. He also likes chasing the dog and his sister, and riding his tractor.
6.       Things he dislikes: There isn't much this little boy doesn't like right now.
7.       Sleeping: He sleeps great. He sometimes goes to bed super early, like 7pm, but he usually sleeps straight through until 6:30-7am. He naps for around 2 hours at least once a day, sometimes in the morning but usually in the afternoon.
8.       Eating:
a.       Favorite Foods: Peanut butter sandwiches, raisins, and chicken nuggets.
b.      Not so Favorites: Pretty much anything else.
9.       Nicknames: Linus...he has taken to walking around with his blanket when he's tired. The other night he was riding his tractor with his blanket.
10.   Things we’re looking forward to next month: Not much going on in August. Just trying to have as much fun outside as possible before it gets cold!