Monday, May 13, 2013

Clara in April

Here's Clara in April! 

We took our first trip to the Manitowoc Zoo. She got her picture taken while we were there...and of course Abby had to come along, too. 

We've just kind of been on cruise control with her lately. She is pretty much day-time potty trained. She still has occasional accidents, but for the most part she's really good. 

The weather has finally started getting decent so we've been spending a lot of time outside, or as much as we can when the weather is nice. We brought her play house from Mimi & Papa's and she loves playing in it...except for the one time there was a bunny hiding in the cabinet in the play kitchen. She's still traumatized from that!

The net-thing she's wearing on her head is the butterfly house that I bought. It comes with a certificate for 5 caterpillars. We're going to raise them and release them when they turn into butterflies! I think it'll be really neat. 

I plan to take them both to the Memorial Day parade. They both went last year, though Sam was just a tiny baby. I think they'll both like it. 

I also think that one of these days, I'm going to start writing down all the hilarious things she says. She is learning what the street signs are so she has turned into quite the backseat driver! 

I can't believe that she's 2.5 already. The time is just flying by. Pretty soon we'll have to start thinking about what to get her for her 3rd birthday!

Sam's 13 Month Survey

Monthly Survey
1.       How old? 13 months
2.       Doctor’s appointments?: July 31, 2013
3.       Stats:
a.       Weight: 22lbs 4oz (taken at his 1-year appointment)
b.      Height: 30.75" (also taken at his 1-year appointment)
c.       Clothes size: Mostly 18m.
d.      Diaper size: Still in 4s.
e.      Hair color: Really blonde.
f.        Anything else?
4.       Milestones:
a.       Teething: He still only has 9 teeth, but he's also still working on the molars.
b.      Talking: He constantly makes noise, but doesn't really say a whole lot.
                                                               i.      Words he knows: Mama, Dada, no, yeah, Elmo,
c.       Anything else? He can shake his head no, he can pick out some letters, he loves to point at everything, he claps, waves, and dances. He's also getting good at throwing a ball.
5.       Things he likes: Being outside and swinging in his swing are his 2 favorite things right now. If you take him out of the swing or make him go in the house after being outside, he lets you know just how unhappy his about it.
a.       Toys: He loves cars and trucks. He also likes to play with blocks and balls.
b.      Books: He really isn't into books as much as Clara was. He doesn't like to sit still that long.
c.       Songs: He likes the Alphabet Song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Old McDonald.
d.      TV Shows/Movies: SuperWhy is his favorite.
e.      Other Activities:
6.       Things he dislikes: About the only thing he doesn't like is either coming in from outside or not letting him go out when he wants to.
7.       Sleeping: He's back to taking 2 naps again most days. Some days he still only takes one. At night he is still sometimes up once during the night. But he's been putting himself to sleep! I give him a bottle after bath and put him in his crib awake. He usually falls asleep within 30 minutes.
8.       Eating: Eating has been a real adventure lately. He doesn't always eat well. Sometimes all he'll eat is bread and Cheerios.
a.       Favorite Foods: Yogurt and the Gerber Fruit & Veggie Melts.
b.      Not so Favorites:
9.       Nicknames:
10.   Things we’re looking forward to next month: We're going to see Thomas the Train! And we'd also like to get some camping in.