Monday, June 28, 2010

Wild Weekend

This past weekend was pure insanity! The only thing that made it nice is that I was off of work on Thursday and Friday....4-day weekend!

Friday we had the rehearsal/dinner for my brother's wedding. The church was so hot and humid, I'm glad it didn't take longer than planned! My cousins Katie & Jess were standing up (Kate was a flower girl and Jess was the junior bride). I can't get over how grown up Jess is! I think she's going on 11! I remember when she was born, and now she's wearing heels and looking like quite the grown-up young lady! The rehearsal dinner was at Luigi's...normally a very good restaurant, except Adam is allergic to garlic and couldn't eat anything or even be in the room without getting sick. And for whatever reason, probably to do with the baby, I can't stand pizza (which was all that was served). So after much bitching, we ended up going to Beerntsen's for ice cream. :)

Saturday was the BIG day! I got my hair did...which was a nice treat. We got to the church on time (which was a miracle!) and the ceremony went beautifully! Everyone looked great, despite it being around 80 degrees inside! After the ceremony the wedding party went across the street to the Sport Bar. The rest of us went home! lol Adam and I ate lunch and then packed ourselves and Scooter into the Explorer. We dropped Scooter off in Luxemburg with Adam's parents and headed to Green Bay for the reception.

The reception was great, too! Food was amazing, Adam could actually eat all of it, and everyone stayed until the bitter end...even my Grandma! It was fun to watch my Uncle Carl dance (he took classes and competes).

Sunday morning we had a great breakfast at the Hotel Sierra. Omlettes made to order, along with all the other yummy breakfast fare, free of charge! We saw the wedding party...and they didn't look too bad, despite the late night and much libation. :) Gift opening was at 11, and after that we packed Kenny & Jessica, along with all their stuff, into my truck and Mom & Dad's van and took them home. After picking up Scooter, I think we finally got home around 3.

I like to take a walk around my yard when I've been away for even a day or 2, to see how my plants are doing. I put in some new flowers this spring and have been anxiously waiting for them to open. I took a few pictures so you can see. They're also on a slideshow on the side of this blog.

Baby wise, I've been feeling a LOT more movement lately! That little one is getting quite active! I've been feeling pretty good, despite the heat and humidity. On Wednesday we have our BIG ultrasound. We're hoping to stay Team Green, unless I have a breakdown on that day. Mostly we're just hoping for a healthy baby. And it sounds like we might be getting our nursery painted this coming weekend, too!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 unmotivated.

So in an effort to have off on Friday before my brother's wedding (and because I didn't have a choice) I'm working four 10 hour days this week. Doesn't seem like a lot, until you realize all I'm doing (or supposed to be doing) for those 10 hours is staring at a ton of paperwork and the computer, it makes for a really long day. At least it's quiet and no one's bothering me. I just wish I was at home instead!

School-wise, I've got a big paper due this weekend. I'm trying to get it done before Thursday so I can visit with my Aunt Morina & Uncle Bill (and family) who are coming into town sometime Thursday for Kenny's wedding. Other than that, I'm pretty well caught up. I had 2 exams Sunday and Monday. Monday's didn't go so well. I'm still waiting on Sunday's.

Tonight Adam & I are going to Green Bay so I can get a new dress for Kenny's wedding (and possibly look at one for my wedding). I bought one at Kohl's before I knew I was pregnant. It sort of still fits, but it has a halter top and I'm afraid the weight of my ginormous boobs is going to snap my neck after the ceremony! Tomorrow is our first Baby Boot Camp class. I'm looking forward to it, even though our schedule will be really tight. I get done with work at 4 and the class starts at 5:30. We might be eating at Subway! lol

I cant' believe our BIG ultrasound is a week from today. It's unreal! When we made the appointment it seemed so far away. And 2 weeks after that we'll have our next OB appointment (24 weeks!!). August 5th starts the 3rd trimester! Holy God...I hope I'm ready for that! It's less than 7 weeks away!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 Week pictures!

So this is me, at 20 weeks. I feel enormous! But it's nice to know that I'm halfway through. We're looking forward to seeing our beautiful baby.

We also hit another milestone last night. I finally felt the baby kick! I thought I might have felt it the night before, but couldn't be sure. Last night, I was positive! Adam even got to feel a kick on the outside. It was amazing!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20 weeks!

Ok, well it's really 19w6d, but who's counting?! We went for our monthly check-up with Dr. V. My weight was good (138lbs) and my blood pressure was awesome (100/56). We took a quick listen with the doppler and he measured my ute, which was measuring right on for 20 weeks. We also got more information on breastfeeding and infant care classes that our hospital is offering in the next few months. I'm sure we'll be taking full advantage of those!

Our next visit to the clinic will be for our Baby Boot Camp class on the 23rd. I'm hoping it will be informational at least. Then on the 30th we have our BIG ultrasound! Yay!!

I'll be putting a bump picture up tomorrow, when I'm officially 20 weeks, though I've already been getting questions from strangers about when I'm due. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Exciting week!

This week is going to be very exciting. Yesterday we went to Kessler's Diamonds to look at wedding bands. I had found a wrap online that I wanted to look at. Turns out, it was the one I liked the best! It's on layaway until Adam's ring comes in. Then I'll pay off the balance and send that and my engagement ring out to get sized and soldered. I hate the thought of losing my engagement ring for 2 weeks! I might have to find a fake just to hold the spot for me. :)

Tonight we're going to my friend Kristy's. She's the one doing our wedding cake. Can I just say how excited I am to be tasting cake?! I love cake. :)

Tomorrow night we're going to check into my vehicle again. I'm looking at a 2010 Dodge Nitro Heat. The one I really love is a gray-ish color with a sunroof. I've found others in the area that had other options I would have preferred, but they're all red...and I don't want another red vehicle. So it looks like I might go with the local one.

Wednesday we have our "20 week" appointment with Dr. V, though it will actually be 19 weeks 6 days. Should be somewhat short and to the point. Probably a weight check, a "How are you feeling" check, and a quick check with the doppler for the heartbeat.

Thursday I'm officially HALF BAKED!! Halfway through the pregnancy! It's getting really exciting! I still haven't felt the baby move yet, but I'm thinking maybe this stubborn little baby will skip the "flutters" stage and go right for jabbing me! I'd be totally ok with that. :) June 30th we have our anatomy scan scheduled. I'm looking forward to seeing our little one bouncing all over. We haven't seen s/he since 12 weeks. I'm anxious to see how much s/he has changed!

Sort of looking forward to not having much to do this weekend, though I had nothing to do this past Saturday and was bored to tears! Sunday we might be going out for sushi for Father's Day. That would be awesome. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm famous!

So today was my monthly trip to the chiropractor. Usually pretty boring and quick. This time-still quick but not so boring. There was a reporter there from the paper. Every week they do a story about a local business. This week, they apparently picked my chiropactor. The receptionist had called me to say that the reporter wanted to take pictures of the doctor in action, would be there around the time of my appointment, and would I mind if they took my picture? I thought, why not. Let me tell you how weird it was. I was in the waiting room, waiting (obviously) for the doctor to be ready for me. The reporter came and asked my name (which I had to spell out for her) and where I lived. She also wanted me to show her how I got manipulated so that she could get a picture with both my face and the doctors in it. So in comes the doctor. And the reporter is snapping pictures the entire time I'm in there. And talking...actually she was extremely manic! The whole thing was bizzare, and I'm glad it's over! I'm curious to see how the pictures turned out, though, since I'm still not used to seeing myself pregnant!

Friday, June 4, 2010

This is my blog...

This is the story of the Mueller family least our little branch of the Mueller tree. I'm going to share our trials and tribulations as we set out to make our new lives together. Along the way I'll share some other things, as well. We have a website so you can follow along with our progress as well.