Friday, June 22, 2012

Weight loss/fitness updates

I haven't really updated about my post-baby weight loss in a while so I thought I'd take a few minutes and do that...since I'm actually feeling rather motivated these days.

Firstly, on weight loss, I have lost about 30lbs since having Sam  almost 3 months ago. I have about 3lbs left until I hit my goal weight and about 5 more until I hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Since re-starting Weight Watchers I have lost a total of 13.6lbs and haven't had more than 1 or 2 weeks that I've gained. I don't even find myself needing to track points anymore. I'm really trying to be very conscious of serving/portion size and snacking. My biggest obstacles are snacking when I'm bored and not actually hungry, and making poor food choices. With any luck, I should be down to my pre-pregnancy weight by the end of July which, coincidentally, is the same time I found out I was pregnant with Sam and also our 2nd wedding anniversary!

Secondly, I have decided that since I'm done having babies (at least for a little while) that it's time to get my poor battered body back into shape. My mid-section really took a beating after 2 kids and I hate the way it looks. I've always had body image issues and this is certainly not helping (especially the other night when I looked at my reflection in my truck window while pumping gas and I looked like I was still pregnant). Unfortunately, time is not my friend.  I have next to no time for myself that doesn't involve things like housekeeping and wrangling children. I'm trying to take them for walks on my days off. We did 2 miles the other day. But I'm also trying to get to the gym. Right now I can realistically only manage about 1 day a week. So, since I don't feel like that's enough but can't really spare the 1-2 hours I need to get there more than onced a week, I've decided to try some workout videos that I can do at home either in the morning before the kids are up or once they go to bed. My friends are lending me a few (Hip Hop Abs and 10  Minute Trainer) and I'm looking forward to starting them!

So those are my big updates. I am dieting, but I'm not really depriving myself. If I feel like having ice cream, I have ice cream. If I want to have McDonalds or some other fast food, I do. I just try to be smart about it and not do it every day. I'm really going to try to make this work because I think it'll end up being really good for me in the long run. It's time to myself; time to unwind and enjoy the silence, and to try to get just a little piece of my sanity back...even if it's only one  day a week. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two under Tuesday-June 19, 2012

Two Under Tuesday Survey

1.       How old are they?

a.       Sam: 2 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days.

b.      Clara: 1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days.

2.       What activities are going on this week? I’m working most of the week. Mimi is taking them both for a little while on Thursday so I can get to the gym.

3.       What are the challenges we are dealing with this week? Sleep. Sam had a rough day of napping and a later bed time and Clara was up at least once with a nightmare. The only good news is that Sam finally slept through the night, though he’s mostly been doing so for a couple weeks now.

4.       Any major milestones reached this week?

a.       Sam: He gurgles, coos, oohs and aahhs quite a bit now! He also follows things with his eyes and is almost rolling over. He also loves to sit up and look around. He sat in his bumbo for the first time this week. And as far as I’m concerned he slept through the night last night!

b.      Clara: It seems like every night I come home from work she has learned a new word or two! She’s also at the height of her mimicry phase. We have to watch what we say or do around her.

5.       How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

a.       Likes: I really like that Sam is starting to look at things. He loves to look at Clara and Clara just loves to kiss on him. She always has to give him a kiss first thing in the morning and anytime we come back from somewhere. It’s really sweet.

b.      Dislikes: I wish I had a clone. I need someone to clean my house and do my errands for me now that I’m back on my regular work schedule. By the time I get home from work Sam is almost ready for bed so I hardly get to see him.

6.       Any tips or tricks to share? Nope. I’m trying to get into a good routine but it’s taking longer than I had expected. Sam pretty much has his own schedule. He lets me know when he needs something. Clara is still not taking naps every day, but we still try. The other day I got her to sleep while Sam was napping…unfortunately he woke up just as she was getting put down. Oh well. J

Picture of the Week!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Under Tuesday-6.12.12

Two Under Tuesday Survey

1.       How old are they?

a.       Sam:  2 months, 1 week, and 5 days old.

b.      Clara: 1 year, 7 months, 1 week and 3 days old.

2.       What activities are going on this week? I’m off work Monday and Tuesday. My mom is taking them for part of the day so I can get to the gym and get some errands/shopping done. Wednesday and Thursday I’m working and Adam’s at school so they’ll be by Mimi until he’s done with school and then I’m off the weekend. There’s a Father’s Day get-together at my Grandma’s house but I’m not quite sure what our Father’s Day plans are-that all depends on Daddy since it’s his day. J

3.       What are the challenges we are dealing with this week? We don’t really have any new challenges this week. Clara has been pretty good except for once in a while when she hasn’t napped and/or her teeth are bugging her.

4.       Any major milestones reached this week?

a.       Sam: Sam has really started interacting with his surroundings. It melts my heart to see him smile at me when he sees me.

b.      Clara: Clara knows almost the entire alphabet and knows what sounds the letters make.

5.       How are you feeling about having 2u2 at this point?

a.       Likes:  I like knowing that this is the hardest that 2u2 will be. Once they get a little older it’ll be a lot easier. It’s getting easier every week, too. Sam is content by himself for longer periods of time and I’m getting a little better organized.

b.      Dislikes:  The sheer amount of work. I don’t have any “me” time. I have time when the kids are in bed or not around, but I’m spending that time cleaning and keeping up with the housework rather than taking time for myself. I’m going to have some free time during the week so I can get to the gym…which is what I need.

6.       Any tips or tricks to share? Don’t sweat the small stuff. I used to pick all of Clara’s toys/books up after she went to bed at night. Sometimes I just don’t get to it anymore. It’s not that important. There are times when laundry and dishes are important (you know, like when you run out of clean underwear) but they aren’t for the most part. These kids grow up so darn fast it’s impossible not to miss something. I try to cherish all the times when all Sam wants to do is suckle and cuddle because I know he won’t want to when he gets older. And I try not to get short with Clara when she’s making a huge mess or she wants me to read to her and I’ve got my hands full. At least she wants to spend time with me. There may come a time when she doesn’t want to and I try to remind myself of that every day.

Picture of the Week!!