Thursday, September 19, 2013

Clara in August

August 2013

What were we up to this month?

Well, nothing out of the ordinary. We made another trip to the NEW Zoo this month. Both kids got to feed the giraffes. We got to see more of the animals this time, as the weather was nicer and we apparently got there around feeding time! She was even brave enough this time, to feed the goats! 

Of course, we also had to stop to play on the playground equipment. She just loves going to playgrounds to play. She loves to climb up on them and then slide down the slides. And I'm pretty sure she'd do it all day if we let her!

One afternoon, we loaded up our new bike trailer with the kids and a picnic lunch and headed out to Neshotah Park to play. And play they did! I have NEVER seen these 2 kids as filthy as they were that day! But everyone had so much fun. I'd like to get out at least once more before it gets too cold.

Clara also had her very first dentist appointment! She came along with me to my cleaning. She sat in the corner on a stool while I got my teeth cleaned and checked. Then when it was her turn, they did an awesome job of showing and telling her exactly what all the tools were and what they were going to do. I even let her wear my sunglasses so the light wasn't so bright. I didn't think they'd do an actual cleaning that day, but she did so well that they went ahead and did it! She did so amazingly well. I was a very proud mama, for sure!

Here are some pictures from this month:

Next month (September) she'll be starting swimming lessons again, and she has her very first dance class with her Auntie Jessi as a teacher! She's doing really well and is so excited to go! But more on that in next month's issue. :)

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