Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whew!! Where did summer go?!

Well, it's September. Wait...what?? September? Already? I thought summer just started! Guess we must have been busy!

May saw the end of my Spring semester of school. We were gearing up for the Memorial Day holiday....which is normally the first "official" day of Summer! Except we were all bundled up because it was really dang cold outside! What a difference a year can make!

June wasn't an extremely busy month, but we had fun. We went to see Thomas the Train on Father's Day weekend. It was HOT outside! WELCOME SUMMER! We missed you! We also made at least one trip to our local zoo. June also saw me switch to night shift at work. It was really hard, but I didn't really have a choice. I think it took everyone a good month to make the transition. But it seems like we're in a better routine now.

In July we took our first ever Family Vacation! We visited Wisconsin Dells for 3 days and had a blast doing it. We did lots of things! We visited the water park a couple times, where Clara would have spent an entire day on the water slides. Sam had fun, but I don't think he had nearly as much fun as Clara! We also visited a zoo, and they both loved it! We saw all kinds of animals that neither of the zoos near our house had! We also ate out, stayed in a hotel room as a family (an adventure of a totally new and terrifying kind!), and even rode through a canyon in a horse-drawn wagon! It was so much fun, there's no way we can't do that again. :)

In August, we didn't really have any big adventures. We tried to enjoy the summer by going on bike rides, playing outside at the playground, and spending some quality time together as a family. The weather has really been stellar this summer and I hope that as we make the dreaded transition into fall and *cringe* winter, we can find new and exciting things to do to pass the dark and cold months! Maybe we'll take some trips to the Children's Museum (which we haven't been to yet). And we'll stay busy with dance classes and swimming lessons. And HOPEFULLY our basement playroom/office will be up and running before the end of September so that we'll have a nice and functional space to spend time in!

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