Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sam's 17 month survey

Monthly Survey
1.       How old? 17 months
2.       Doctor’s appointments?: October 7, 2013 for his 18-month check-up
3.       Stats:
a.       Weight: 25lbs
b.      Height: about 32 inches (it's hard to measure him when he's so wiggly!)
c.       Clothes size: 18-24m
d.      Diaper size: Still in 4's.
e.      Hair color: Still blonde.
f.        Anything else?
4.       Milestones:
a.       Teething: He has all but his 2-year molars
b.      Talking: He still doesn't say much, but he's a very 'vocal' guy! He's always making sounds.
                                                               i.      New words: He can now do a sheep (sort of) sound and does "wheee" appropriately. That makes 9-ish words/sounds.
c.       Anything else? He can now do somersaults! Well, kind of. :) He mostly tips over sideways, but he gets the idea.
5.       Things he likes:
a.       Toys: Anything with wheels. He has learned how to "zoom" the trucks and has fun doing that.
b.      Books: Isn't really into books. He'll look at them on his own if he wants to.
c.       Songs: He loves all music! Doesn't really have a favorite right now.
d.      TV Shows/Movies: He likes "Tangled" probably because Clara wants to watch it twice a day. Otherwise he likes the LeapFrog movies and SuperWhy.
e.      Other Activities: He loves being outside, climbing on anything he can get onto, and generally scaring the crap out of his parents by tumbling off of everything head-first.
6.       Things he dislikes: Nothing in particular, but we're getting into temper tantrum territory and he can throw one with the best of them!
7.       Sleeping: He's a great sleeper at night. We put him down after his bath and he puts himself to sleep-without the paci, too! He usually goes down around 8 and sleeps until 6:30-7. He takes one 2-hour nap every afternoon.
8.       Eating:
a.       Favorite Foods: Raisins are a big hit recently. He also likes apples.
b.      Not so Favorites: Anything we try to feed him for lunch. lol
9.       Nicknames:
10.   Things we’re looking forward to next month: In September we might start thinking about Halloween costumes and apple picking. But we have no big events planned. We do have swimming on Tuesdays that we look forward to, though.

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